Yep. I am writing this post mostly just to share this image, perhaps the most slam-dunk conclusive proof that “funny” goes with “progressive” like “tone-deaf” goes with “NC Republican.”


On second thought, I can see how NC got confused on this one.

Seriously. I wish I could be this funny, but since I’m not, I’m just sharing it so that everybody can see it. Whoever created it (I got it from the usual beginningless forward chain), please tell me and I’ll sing your praises.

The context, of course, is the bill normal people have taken to calling the Motorcycle Vagina bill: SB 353, which took a not harmful motorcycle safety bill and dumped a whole lot of the anti-abortion language from HB 695, the anti-foreign law bill that they tricked out into an anti-abortion bill last week and that brought so much positive attention to our state. Both bills were sneak attacks, both are probably unconstitutional, and both represent everything abhorrent about conservative my-way-because-I-said-so bullying.

Anyhow, I couldn’t take another day to go protest some more, so now that the dumbasses have passed the stinking thing, I just wanted to say that though the dumbasses are winning in the legislature, the good guys are funnier. Way funnier.

So anyhow, there’s that.


One thought on “#Vaginamotorcycle

  1. I was there you didn’t miss anything new except Rep. Stam did say that the reason NC has no recorded deaths from legalized abortion is because they go other places to die. You know, like dogs.

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